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Resolving Business Disputes in and out of the Courtroom

When starting a business, entrepreneurs must consider countless issues; how should the business be structured? How will it be financed? How will it be governed? Where should it be located? Who should be hired and how? How will profits be shared? What if the venture fails? Rarely, however, is the prospect of litigious conflict with clients, colleagues, partners, investors, competitors or employees considered and addressed until it is far too late. Closing a deal often takes precedent over managing litigation risk. Having an experienced business dispute attorney on your side in the face of conflict may, however, significantly reduce your company’s exposure. Whether you are just starting your business or are a decades-old member of the market, Gilbert Law PC can provide knowledgeable legal counsel to assist you with the gamut of business conflicts that can, and often do, arise on a regular basis.

There are a number of business disputes, both foreseen and unexpected, that give rise to the need for litigation counsel. Gilbert Law PC's primary objective in resolving conflict on behalf of our clients is to arrive at a solution benefitting all sides while avoiding the need to engage in costly discovery and an eventual trial. Gilbert Law PC's corporate dispute lawyers are adept at handling the sensitive and fact-intensive negotiations process and will work tirelessly to settle your dispute without judicial intervention. Of course, when the possibility of a negotiated settlement proves impossible or unworkable in light of the facts of the dispute, our attorneys are always prepared to win at trial or on appeal. 

Business disputes can vary from simple breach of contract claims to multi-million dollar allegations of malfeasance and corporate misconduct. Gilbert Law PC's experienced business dispute attorneys routinely handle many of the following areas of commercial disputes:

  • Breach of contract
  • Complex commercial finance litigation
  • Private transactions and post-closing disputes
  • Shareholder, partnership and business governance disputes
  • Business torts 
  • Fiduciary duty 
  • Real estate and landlord-tenant actions
  • Regulatory investigations 
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Business dissolution and breakup litigation
  • Noncompete, restrictive covenants and unfair competition 
  • Asset recovery and loss mitigation
  • Oil and gas litigation
  • Bankruptcy adversary proceedings
  • Insurance litigation

As you navigate the sea of business ownership, Gilbert Law PC's business dispute attorneys work alongside you to help avoid potential conflict and devise a strategy for a solution once conflict occurs. We are always prepared to win at trial or on appeal.

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