We are a firm of trial lawyers. We understand business and are as comfortable in the boardroom as we are in the courtroom. We are efficient and streamlined in our approach. Years of experience, leadership and training at the top law firms in the world allow us to understand how to efficiently and leanly prepare a case for trial or settlement or to structure and close a transaction to manage risk.

We never waste time on things that don’t help us win at trial, resolve a dispute or accomplish a client’s business goals. We never spin our wheels at the client’s expense. We always look for a favorable settlement due to the uncertainty and risk of litigation but are always ready to go to trial. We leverage technology. Cloud computing, legal software and virtual technology significantly lower our cost of operation and allow us to tailor our fee structure to the client, case or the deal. We are pragmatic at all times. Where appropriate, we provide alternatives to traditional hourly billing. We strive to structure our engagements to ensure that we and our clients have the same interests. We see all the pieces.